Symbolic Wedding in Venice

Have you ever heard about Symbolic Wedding in Venice Italy ceremonies?

Venice is an ideal backdrop for the most romantic event of your life.

Its magnetic beauty, and an inimitable fusion of the welcoming qualities of its people together with cuisine that can be second to none, attract thousands of couples every year.

But what if you are already married?

We suggest reliving this most important of moments in your life all over again, but this time in a city that has no peer; one that oozes romanticism and love and that is, quite simply, Venice.

Imagine exchanging your vows all over again in one of her great Palaces, in the Secret Garden of a Palace, or a Gondola on the Grand Canal!

Description of Symbolic Wedding in Venice Ceremony

Our ceremony texts are very strong and touching.

Our Masters of Ceremonies, having more than 20 years of experience in this field, can enter into tune with the future spouses, making them comfortable with the support of a personalized text it is possible to involve the future spouses emotionally, giving the correct importance and value to their union.

The text of the ceremony includes the exchange of vows part on the one side and the exchange of the wedding rings part on the other side as well.

Afterwards, you will receive a special Wedding Certificate that may not be legally binding, but which will forever constitute a treasured memory for you.

This kind of ceremony is the most popular for a Symbolic Wedding in Venice.

The ceremony can be celebrated in English, French, Spanish, German or Russian, during the which you will be supplied with a wedding cushion for the wedding rings, for the exchange of the rings rite.

Moreover the bridegrooms can demand, at the moment of the reservation, that the Wedding Officiant could wear the a Renaissance costume of the “Doge” of Venice, which will give a very peculiar touch to the event.

As a musical background for the ceremony can be provided, on your demand, a guitarist or a violinist, in the gondola together with the bridegrooms.

These ceremonies can be celebrated in the Palaces on the Piano Nobile or in the same gardens of the palaces.

The arrangement of the ceremony table belongs to the services provided by our agency , and includes an elegant clothing, decoration, candelabrum for candles rite, cushion for the rings.

Further possible compositions with fresh made flowers have to be considered as an extra-service. The price may vary according to the type of decoration.

Symbolic Wedding and Party a board of the Pirate’s Galeon

This kind of ceremony is suggested for a large number of guests , as the complementary part of a party a board of the Pirate’s Galeon.

Before the party, a symbolic ritual will be celebrated , where the master of ceremonies will play the role of the “Captain of the Sea”.

Advantages of Symbolic Weddings

If you have already been married in your own country, you may wish to relive the event in a more informal and original way

It provides an original way to celebrate a wedding anniversary (Renewal of Vows Ceremony).

It could provide a wonderful surprise for the one you love (if you come to Venice on what appears to be an ordinary holiday and then spring this fantastic surprise on them)

The financial angle. A Civil Marriage at Palazzo Cavalli (one, therefore, that is legally binding), requires considerable preparation and expense, not least because in the cases of some nationalities the couple must present themselves personally (for bureaucratic reasons) at their Embassy in Rome or Milan several days beforehand.

Thus it may be easier to have a simple civil ceremony at home before celebrating the event there with a wide circle of family and friends and then come to Venice for a symbolic service with only those closest to you – or just the two of you.