Religious Weddings in Venice

Catholic Ceremony in Venice

If you were baptized in a Catholic church and therefore you are an observant Catholic and have the desire to have Catholic a Wedding or to Renew Wedding Vows in a Catholic Church in Venice, first of all, you have to turn to your parish priest, to inform him that you wish to get married in a Catholic Church in Venice.

After this, you must begin gathering and arranging the documents, that are required for the celebration of a religious wedding with the help of your parish priest.

Once all the papers have been gathered, your priest must submit the whole dossier to the Curia (the most important religious organization of the Catholic Church) of your city of residence to get it approved.

If you haven’t got married to a civil wedding yet, you should do it in your country of residence, because one of the required documents, to celebrate a Religious Wedding, will be the Civil Wedding certificate.

Otherwise, you can also take into consideration the chance of celebrating two ceremonies in only one day in Venice:

At first the Civil Wedding at Palazzo Cavalli and then the Religious Ceremony in a Venetian Catholic Church.

If you wish to invite your priest to Venice, he can celebrate your wedding in a Venetian Catholic Church.

Many of the most famous and beautiful Venetian Churches are listed here.

Orthodox Blessing

The Greek-Orthodox Church of San Giorgio in Venice is also known under the name St. George of the Greeks.

This Church is situated in that area of the city which once held the largest Greek community in Venice.

The building dates back to 1564 and boasts of names of famous architects, such as Sante Lombardo.

Its facade is divided in three parts , while inside there is only one nave with a “cupola” in the middle and the chancel is separated from the iconostasis.

Armenian Wedding in Venice

Blessing performed at Saint Lazzarus Island Armenian Church

Anglican Service

Anglican Blessing

Valdese or Methodist Rites

Simple Valdese or Methodist Blessing

Jewish Ceremony

Is performed by a Rabbi in Venice’s Synagogue