Organisation of Parties in Venice

Le Dogaresse di Venezia

Brilliant all-female chamber music group in 18th-century Venetian costume playing the best-known Baroque repertoire, with emphasis on the Venetian school. The ensemble may consist of stringed and/or wind instruments.

Heralds of the Serenissima

Standard bearers in Renaissance costumes give guests a special welcome, sounding their trumpets to emphasize the solemnity of great events.

Grand Opera Gala

Pages taken from the Italian and European opera repertoire performed by a tenor and a soprano accompanied on the piano (or electric piano). Opera arias alternate with internationally famous songs from Italy and abroad.

Grand Gala of the Three Tenors

Pages taken from the Italian and European opera repertoire were performed by three tenors accompanied by the piano (or electric piano). Opera arias alternate with internationally famous songs from Italy and abroad.

Folklore of the Gondoliers

An evening of folk culture with the participation of a vocal and instrumental group performing the best-known pieces from the Venetian and Neapolitan repertoire. Musicians wear typical gondoliers’ costumes.

Sweet Melodies Orchestra

Quartet (guitar, keyboard, voice, and saxophone) performing all types of music. Easy listening and dance music for all tastes from the standard national and international repertoire to the evergreens, Latin American, and international cover titles. The amplification for the performance is adjusted to suit the venue for the evening.

Classic Ensemble

Private and exclusive concerts in churches, aristocratic mansions, or concert halls with programs of classical music from the Baroque to the 20th century. The composition of the groups varies according to the requirements of the evening. Musicians wear concert dress.

Venezia Classic Orchestra

An ensemble of young musicians dressed in 18th-century costumes in a concert of original music and arrangements of classical pieces by internationally famous Venetian composers (from Antonio Vivaldi to Pino Donaggio).

Swing and Dixie Jazz Band

An orchestra consisting of musicians elegantly dressed according to the fashions of the 1930s – white shirts and trousers, blue striped blazer, blue bow tie, and straw boater – proposes a basic repertoire of music from New Orleans style (Louise Armstrong) to the successes of the famous orchestras of the Swing Era (Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, Count Basie ...).

Max D.J.

Young professional Venetian DJ with high technology equipment able to provide all musical genres.
The amplification for the performance is adjusted to suit the venue for the evening.

Commedia dell’Arte

The tradition of Commedia dell’Arte was revived with the staging of several entertaining plays taken from medieval texts and presented by famous carnival Characters such as Harlequin, Columbine, Pantalone, Brighella, etc.

Page Boys

Servants in livery with lighted torches welcome guests on their arrival in the aristocratic mansion or help them disembark from water taxis or gondolas.

Moorish Page Boys

Young servants dressed according to the dictates of 18th-century chronicles recalling the traditions of the Venetian nobility who wanted servants coming from lands under the dominion of the Republic of the Serenissima.

Minuet Lessons

A group of professional dancers in period costume and a Master of Ceremonies give a demonstration of the dances typical of Venetian parties during the 18th century and later involve guests, teaching them the fundamental steps to the notes of Boccherini’s famous Minuet.


The fascination of Venetian noblewomen is presented by splendid young girls in period costumes who entertain guests during the banquets.

Parade of Carnival Costumes

The traditions of Venice’s most important event are illustrated through a presentation of some of the most photographed and illustrated carnival characters of our time.

Historic Venetian Characters

A representation of some of Venice’s best-known characters including Marco Polo, Giacomo Casanova, the Courtesan Veronica Franco, Doge Pietro Orseolo, the Dogaressa, Senators, and Venetian Nobility.

Fire Eaters

Prodigious and fantastic bursts of flame produced by a talented artist represent a sparkling way to light up the guests’ arrival.

Fortune Tellers

Famous fortune tellers in traditional Middle Eastern costumes weave an unreal atmosphere of enchantment and magic, making predictions about love and work by reading cards and tarots.


Athletic skills and artistic talents are the particular ingredients in a brilliant atmosphere worthy of a grand party in an aristocratic Venetian mansion, according to the historical references of the ancient Serenissima Republic.

Portrait Artists/Caricaturists and Cartoon Artists

A special souvenir sketched by an artist able to capture the most interesting and appealing characteristics of guests during a gala dinner.

Casanova Casino

Scenic reconstruction of the most famous gambling games fashionable during the times of Casanova. Croupiers in period costume assist and coordinate the players in this fascinating centuries-old adventure.

Treasure Hunt in Venice

A game among the alleyways and small squares of Venice, visiting well-known and less familiar sites in this city of ancient fascination, rich with magic and color. During the game, players wear the “domino”, the classical costume typical of carnival during the 1800s. On arrival, all participants will be awarded a commemorative medal with the name of the company they work for and the date on which they took part in this game. The winning team will be awarded a prize to be decided according to the event.

Mask Workshop

During the workshop, every participant, even those with no experience in manual work, will be able to make a well-defined mask, decorated according to his or her taste, a unique and highly personal souvenir of their stay in Venice. The practical work is always preceded by a brief theoretical explanation by our assistants, who make their experience available to participants, following the creative work of the “pupils” step by step during the various phases of coloring, decorating, and finishing. The worship supplies the unfinished masks and basic materials for their preparation.

Giacomo Casanova Snakes and Ladders Game

Parlour team game played with the help of a painted 300 x 400 cm. canvas and suitable for guests of all nationalities. It unfolds through figurative itineraries divided into six themes representing the most interesting and crucial moments in the life of the famous libertine with curiosities and anecdotes on the history and traditions of Venice at the time.

“Atelier Casanova” Costume Hire

Our guests rediscover Venetian house party fashions, elegantly dressed in costumes from various periods from the 1600s to the 1900s to make the atmosphere of the gala evening even more evocative. Costumes will be delivered to the room and collected the following morning at the hotel.

Hire of Carnival Costumes

Dressing up in the typical costume of the carnival period consisting of the cloak, silken head covering, white domino, and three-cornered hat makes the evening even more evocative, involving guests in an enthralling re-enactment of the famous Venetian parties of the golden centuries of the Serenissima Republic. Costumes will be delivered to the room and collected at the venue or the following morning in the hotel.

Hire of Livery for Waiters

Eighteenth-century livery for waiters, to recreate the atmosphere of Venetian house parties. The costume consists of trousers, a waistcoat, a jabot, shirts, and stockings.