Pirates Galleon

Pirates Galleon

If you wish to pull out all the stops and surprise your guests with absolutely unusual and special Venetian experience, we suggest you to organize your wedding reception or celebrate your birthday or special date a board a ‘Pirate Galleon’.

The Pirate Galleons, built in 2001, are perfect reproductions of vessels used by the Republic of Venice from 1600 – 1800 for cargo, as warships, for the plundering of trade routes, for exploration and for the maritime activities which brought so much to enrich Venice and her islands in terms of history, art and culture.


As soon as you come aboard, you will notice the cannons lined up along the galleon’s hull, swags of mooring ropes, rope halyards, old rum and wine casks, ornamental decorations, pictures of pirates in action and many other tiny details that go to add to a genuine and truly original atmosphere, just right for your exclusive party.

Guests are received by the captain and by his crew who, all dressed in the costume of the period or, if you prefer, in classic elegant costumes, welcome guests aboard with a drink.

All is ready for your party, it is time to cast off from the moorings and to immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure that takes your party weaving between the islands of Venice’s lagoon. The navigation lasts 5 hours (even more on request). During the navigation your guests could avail of all the drinks in the bar lounge, such as water, coke, lemon-soda, beer, red or white wine and, prosecco. The whole navigation will be cheered up with the DJ’s music, who will be a board at your own disposal. While the Galleon is leaving away slowly from Venice heading towards the Burano Isle, the guest could enjoy the sunset on the upper deck, sipping their cocktail with appetizers.

The stop of the Galleon to the picturesque Burano Isle will let your guests to visit the Fisher Island, famous for its houses with sparkling colours and its lacy handicraft. In the meanwhile on the Galleon, the dinner tables will be set with elegant clothing and candelabra, for your dinner with service at the table, or at buffet, as you wish. During the dinner, while we are sailing and approaching towards Venice, different kind of entertainment can be provided for your guests (Belly Dance Exhibition, Illusionist Performances, pantomimes, trio Gondolieri Folk, live music), or simply soft music proveded by the DJ.

Once arrived to Venice, the galleon will stop in front of Piazza San Marco, and the guests will be invited to get on the upper deck for the cutting of the cake and for the toast. In the meanwhile the Galleon’s crew will provide with the arrangement of the Galleon’s main deck for your rave, that will last until you go ashore.

The galleons are equipped for all weather conditions and for every sort of parties . In summer, passengers are fully protected from summer showers while in winter the bridge and main deck are covered and the whole space is heated to hold up to 100 people.

Come on board ..... we are waiting for you !!!

Pirates Galleon
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