Venetian Palace 16

The palace, built during the second half of the 15th century by the Pisani family, is situated on of the most striking parts of the Grand Canal between the Rialto Bridge and the palace of Ca’ Foscari.

Built originally in the gothic style, it has been subject to various renovations throughout the ages and now remains as it was after major re-structuring during the 18th century.

Its imposing façade is largely due to the splendid gothic windows on its two principal floors. The interior is richly decorated in the baroque style, principally by great 18th century Venetian artists including Giambattista Tiepolo, Jacopo Guarana, Gaspare Diziani and Giuseppe Angeli.

A splendid double staircase leading to the upper floors is also in the baroque style and replaces an earlier gothic one.

This magnificent edifice has long attracted the admiration of famous visitors to Venice – including Czar Paul of Russia, Josephine Bonaparte and Joseph II of Austria.

Venetian Palace 16
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