Medieval Castle B

This castle is overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, and is currently occupied by a princely family. The Castle is home to many artistic masterpieces and rare historical relics. Its gardens are surrounded by panoramic terraces and romantic avenues, embellished with period statues and objects, and offer breathtaking views of the sea. The owners have decided to open their castle home and gardens to the public for various events such as tours, conferences, art exhibitions, concerts, gala dinners, and more. The castle is constructed of solid composite materials and is dominated by a 16th-century tower with a structure dating back 2000 years. A commemorative stone was placed there in the 3rd century to mark a visit by the Emperor Diocletian.

The castle gardens are arranged on multiple levels and display a variety of flowers of different colors, creating attractive and colorful splashes of classical Mediterranean vegetation. The furnishings, pictures, and valuables collected over centuries give the castle's interior a warm and elegant atmosphere. The gardens are home to trees that have been standing for centuries, and the manicured lawns, cascades of flowers, and architectural features make for a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and unwind.

Wedding in Medieval Castle

Located on a cliff-top location, the castle overlooks a small fishing village and is surrounded by extensive gardens. Thanks to its natural setting and the charm of being an old stately residence and a living home, the castle is counted among the most attractive castles in Europe. A path running through the gardens leads directly to a private beach below. The castle is also available for special events, such as weddings, receptions, and dinners.

Reception in Medieval Castle

For years, the castle has been one of the most fascinating locations for gala dinners and high-quality events, both corporate and private parties. The outside and inside of the building can be rented. The stunning sunset on the Gulf of Trieste, the elegant atmosphere, and the refined service will ensure the success of your events. You can welcome your guests with a cocktail on the bastions on the top of the sea, enjoy Castle’s wines, have a dinner in the elegant rooms of the Castle or outside in the courtyard, and continue the evening in the fascinating Castle’s rooms. It is also possible to spend the night in one of the rooms which hosted illustrious guests.

Medieval Castle B
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