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Why Wedding in Venice town hall is the best?

We usually hold Civil Weddings in Venice in the town hall Palazzo Cavalli. A Wedding in Venice Town Hall gives the opportunity for the happy couple to be photographed using the Grand Canal as the perfect background.

The most impressive wedding room, which can hold up to 50 guests, has been witness to a multitude of ceremonies for many years now. From the extremely traditional to the more casual tone, not a single service could be forgotten. The wedding room has prided itself on giving the couple a chance to infuse the wedding with their personal touch. This advantage ensures the uniqueness of the occasion.

A wedding in Venice Town Hall usually takes up to 25 minutes. This condition is contingent upon added declarations, poetry or written prose. We can give you helpful suggestions if you’d like. The wedding, being a civil ceremony, ought to have no religious undertones as stipulated by the law.

For a more personal touch, you may add live classic music during the ceremony itself. This added incentive can enhance the memory of the day for you. It can combine the festive nature and significance of the day without difficulty. No other country can compete with the romance and beauty that a Civil Wedding in Venice can provide.

Many people describe Town Hall Palazzo Cavalli as a place having an elegant simplicity. The high Venetian windows overlooking the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge will give you an amazingly beautiful background for photos. This area will remind you of the most memorable moment in your entire life for sure. Our team has a lot of experience. We will be able to ensure the success of your wedding day. We are known to be very flexible and open when it comes to planning. You will surely leave the Wedding in Venice Town Hall as a happy couple. We will help you get special touches that will surely make your day even more special. Why should you wait?

Come to Venice for your wedding right now!
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