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Wedding Reception in Venice - Top Choices

Here are the choices for the most beautiful and romantic hotels to celebrate your Wedding Reception in Venice to help you plan an amazing, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind, Venetian reception. Your wedding reception in Venice will be in one of the greatest cities in the world. As a part of your Wedding celebrations, you can hold your wedding ceremony, reception in any one of the unique venues.

Panoramic Terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. This is a spectacular hotel that feels like walking into a different century. You'll be presented with sweeping, gorgeous views from the restaurant and piano bar terrace. The venue is also ideally located opposite from the church of Santa Maria Della Salute and the island of St. Giorgio. The restaurant is a perfect venue for your ceremony. During summer, it is possible to dine on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. This venue has a great balance of hospitality, beauty, and the grand tradition of a wedding in Venice, Italy.

Venetian Locanda for romantic weddings. On an isolated island, where only a few people reside today, in the middle of a Venetian lagoon, this is vastly different in comparison to the crowded city of Venice. If you want to break away from all of the crowds, enjoy a sip of wine and gaze at the gorgeous canals while you wait for your Wedding Reception in Venice, this is the place for you. Top class service, culinary delights, and elegant simplicity are the secret to the success of this Venetian restaurant, a part of our Wedding in Venice Packages.

Antique Theatre in Venice for weddings. With a staircase straight from an era gone by, leading to an awe-inspiring 18th Century Theatre called "Ridotto", this antique theatre is fantastic. It's been carefully restored, replicating its original colours and masterful fresco art. There are nine salons of various sizes in the “Ridotto," ideal for deluxe Banquets and Wedding Reception Services. In addition to the theatre, there is a waterfront terrace available for small wedding parties as part of Wedding in Venice Service.

Historical Cafè Restaurant in St. Marks. An exclusive restaurant loaded with charm, this is the ideal setting for an intimate, more private wedding reception in Venice. Its luxurious interior makes it the perfect place to dine while gazing at a dramatic view of St. Mark's square. Be sure not to miss a Bellini or Rossini cocktail, the best cocktails in all of the Venice, in St. Marks square. 70 people can be seated in the restaurant hall, and live piano music entertainment is available upon request to further enhance your Wedding Reception in Venice.

For more information on finding a perfect venue for your Wedding reception in Venice and to browse through many other different services, visit serenissima-weddings.com

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