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This marvelous Palace boasts a unique views over the Canal Grande as it is located just a few hundred meters away from Piazzale Roma and from the Santa Lucia train station...
Every palace in Venice has an important past. This Palace's splendor has endured through the ages, having hosted prestigious men, women, and illustrious personalities.

The Palace embodied multiple styles, featuring oriental-style calming diffuse lights, marble, leaded glass, marvelous Venetian floors, and a beautiful rose garden leading to the entrance. Recently, the Palace underwent a wise restoration, which has returned the palazzo to its original splendor, indoor mosaics, refined oriental elements, and front garden - ever so welcoming and so well maintained. This palace has the power to transport you back through time to a suspended reality where history, tradition, and modern elements happily become one.

This Palace is located on the Canal Grande, the main and most suggestive waterway of Venice along which most of the city's majestic palazzos stand. Going through the Canal Grande towards St. Mark's, on the right bank and beyond the magnificent garden, one can make out the large windows, the white stone of Istria, the decor of the ancient Venetian palazzo.

Extraordinarily maintained, these precious green areas beautify the gorgeous façades of the Palace. Roses and flowering trees will bring joy to the senses of all guests wishing to experience a wonderful stay at this Palace.

On beautiful summer days, the gardens are a perfect venue for celebrating a special event or a wedding outdoors, setting up an open-air banquet in a truly exclusive location.

The garden facing the Canal Grande, featuring a beautiful well head, dates back to the 14th century. The tree-shaded area is the ideal place to enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation, taking in the sights while sitting at the lovely park bench that faces the Canal Grande, or maybe sharing a romantic aperitif at sunset.

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