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Activities Ideas to unrich your Honeymoon stay in Venice

Here are our proposals for your intresting Entertainment in Venice.

Tour of the handcrafts business in the S. Croce and S. Polo or Castle districts

Handcrafts business

The tour includes a visit to some of the shops that best represent the typical reality of Venetian handcraft.

During the tour, craftsmen will give a demonstration of how they work, offering detailed explanations on the history, techniques and peculiarities of their artistic products.

The itinerary proposes a visit to workshops where masks are made and where to admire “lavorazione a lume” (glass lampworking), artistic paper making, iron and wood working, jeweller’s shops, bookbinderies, and others.

The number of shops visited during the tour will depend on the length of the single demonstrations.

Time:3 h.
Languages spoken: English and Italian, other languages by request.
Groups: 6/8 people at the most




“Cichetto” is a Venetian ritual consisting of rissoles, “folpeti”, “baccalà” etc. tasted before lunch or dinner, enhanced by a good glass of wine.

Time: 1 – 1 ½ h
Languages spoken: English and Italian, other languages by request.
Groups: 6/8 people at the most


Wine and typical products tasting

Wine Tasting

 Sample a variety of the most important local products in a refined gallery of typical Italian products: cheeses, cold pork products, wines and many other delicacies.As an alternative, you can stop off at a typical Venetian wine shop where you will taste a selection of the best local and national wines.

Time: 1 – 1 ½ h
Languages spoken: English and Italian, other languages by request.
Groups: 6/8 people at the most


Tea, coffee and chocolate tasting

Tea Tasting

Guided tasting of:

  • tea according to the Russian, Moroccan and traditional English “five o’clock tea”customs;
  • some of the finest Arabic coffees roasted immediately;
  • some chocolate specialities

Time: 3 h
Languages spoken: English and Italian, other languages by request.
Groups: 4/6 people at the most


Mini-conferences on the production, decoration and history of Venetian mask

Decoration of Venetian Mask

- How an authentic Venetian mask is produced and decorated
- History of the mask: In Venice in everyday life, at Carnival time, at the theatre (Commedia dell’Arte)

In order to maintain the public’s attention during the entire length of the exhibition, enlargements of details taken from ancient paintings and prints are used,showing the masks in their context, as if they were snapshots of different typical situations.
Furthermore, participants can try on the masks: “bauta”, "volto" and three-cornered, i.e. the most traditional costume, and are given an explanation of each single part the marks.

Time: 1 – 1 ½ h
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian
Groups: 30 people at the most


Workshop on the making of a papier mache mask

Workshop on the making  mask

Each participant is given the plaster cast of a typical Venetian mask. The work consists of filling this cast with several layers of special paper towels wet beforehand and spread with glue.

When the work is completed, the cast is left to dry and the masks are given back only after a few hours (the groups that want to decorate the masks they have made will be unable to do so the same day). The eyes of the unfinished masks are to be cut out and the edges cut away, an operation that the artisan “mascherer” carries out before the masks are given back so that no participant needs to use any sharp instrument. The masks, finished and immediately ready to be worn, are then returned to the participants.

Time required: 4 h. (including the theoretical part)
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian
Maximum number of participants: 4


Workshop on the decoration of a papier mache mask

Workshop on the decoration mask

Each participant can choose from a vast array of white models among those exhibited by the handicraft shop where the course is held.
The items are ancient Carnival masks of Venice’s daily life, theatre (Commedia dell’Arte) or fashionable, fancy masks. Each person can choose from different practical work possibilities: two alternative colouring techniques, proposed by the artist, belonging to traditional masks or, for those who want to freely express their creative capacities, fantasy decorations with 5 different finishing techniques.

When the work is finished, each participant can take home his/her own mask which will be unique and different to all the others and will be professionally finished.

Time required: 4 h. (including the theoretical part)
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian
Maximum number of participants: 4

N.B.: For those wanting to make and decorate their own masksthey can do so by combining the two courses described above. For technical reasons it would be better to let two days go by between one session and the other, but, if need be, one day could be sufficient.


Workshop display with the “mascherer” of the art of mask making and “commedia dell’arte” theatre.

Meeting/performance with the actor and mask-maker who will illustrate all the features of “Commedia dell’Arte” characters and reveal the secrets of ancient leather mask-making.

Time required: 3 h
Languages spoken: English, Italian
Maximum number of participants: 25


Guided tour of a Venetian Palace on the Grand Canal + dinner

Guided Tour of Venetian Palace

A guided tour is offered to the palace’s guests in a magnificent Venetian palace, the private residence of a Venetian Countess, St Mark’s area. At the end of the tour, dinner is prepared and served at table by the Countess’s very own cook.

Time required: 4 h (7 pm – 11 pm)
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian
Maximum number of participants: 6

Watercolour en plein air

You can be shown around Venice by a local artist and, together, choose a subject to paint with the watercolour technique. Materials and equipment supplied by the artist.

Time required: 4/6 h
Maximum number of participants: 4


Wellness Centre

Our clients are offered the opportunity to take a few hours of utter relaxation in the most complete wellness centre in the city.

The following are some of the treatments we can book for you:


This is a complete body massage (face and scalp massage by request). Relaxes the body, increasing mobility, favouring a sense of well-being, and contributing to a healthy mind in a healthy body.

SPA Center

This massage helps to maintain vitality and energy even late in life, reduces stress and is totally relaxing.



By means of a beneficial psychophysical action, the state of well-being desired can be achieved, due to the contemporaneous involvement of all the person’s senses.

Wellness Center

Some examples:

  • chocolate face & body treatment
  • apple face & body treatment
  • milk and honey body treatment
  • white moss body treatment
  • spices body treatment

All treatments include body scrub, pack, 30-min massage and Turkish bath.

The ideal solutions to achieve a complete state of well-being to awaken hidden energy and help to regain one’s inner equilibrium.

REGAL FOOT TREATMENT (time from 30’ to 90’)

Foot Treatment

This is a truly regal pedicure, offering a sense of lightness and beauty to the feet and consists of a Camargue salt bath, foot exfoliation with volcanic pomice stone, a natural foot-pack with clay and seaweed and, lastly, a massage on the reflexological areas of the feet.


Special programme for couples

Programme for Couples

All the programmes can be carried out in the romantic atmosphere of one of the Centre’s massage parlours, booked exclusively for the couple.

The cost of the treatments is double the price of single treatments.

For each of the treatments, there is the possibility to make use of the Turkish bath free of charge.

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