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A Dream Come True of Organizing a Civil Wedding in Venice or Verona

Have you ever dreamt of Getting Married in Venice ? Organizing a civil wedding in Venice is something that can be tough especially if you have just finalized a marriage proposal in Venice. However, it will truly be a fantasy wedding if you will be able to pull it off.

Imagine being in the Royal Palace of Milan, in an opulently decorated room with mirrors lined in gold, chandeliers made of crystal hanging from the ceiling as well as richly designed chairs.

Yes! Having an Italian wedding can be amazing. Additionally, having a Italian Castle as the venue or using that largely imposing cathedral for the marriage truly makes the occasion special. It will also be doubly romantic because we will celebrate in the loveliest of countries in the world.

Venice has been witness to the many romantic unions. Known for being the city of romance, Venice is composed of 117 islands linked by over 409 bridges. Additionally, it also has 177 canals. These options include the Grand Canal that is shaped like a letter S. This particular place is known for its extreme beauty. The exquisite artwork as well as unique architectural design and lagoon have turned it into a World Heritage Site from the year 1987 onwards off.

While it is true that there are many different types of Wedding Venue in Venice, the Palazzo Cavalli would be the best location to hold a civil wedding in Venice for sure. The balcony right in front of the Rialto Bridge adds a dramatic touch as well.

How about organizing a Civil or Symbolic Wedding in Verona?
If you want to go for a different atmosphere, you can hold your destination wedding in Verona inside an age-old, 17th-century palace. If you want, you can recreate that same romantic scene in Juliet’s balcony as she waits for Romeo. Whatever the case may be, the happy couple will be able to experience authentic Italian weddings for sure. The wedding planners from Italy will be glad to assist them in handling the banquet of their dreams, complete with roses and music.

The government has included Verona in the World Heritage list of UNESCO since the year 2000. This feat is not at all surprising because it is the brightest example of a city that has undergone a significant transformation for over 2000 years. The architecture of this town has successfully combined artistic design elements from each era.

Additionally, Verona is known to be the setting for Romeo and Juliet, the greatest romance. It was so popular that a balcony was set up in the House of Juliet, a tiny building located in the heart of this city, to pay homage to the Shakespearean tale. This area is truly the perfect venue to have a Wedding in Verona!

For more information on making your dream come true of organizing a civil or symbolic wedding, or a marriage proposal in Venice or Verona and to browse through many other different services, visit serenissima-weddings.com

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